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<5 Min *AGD* BASIC #3 - Stationary Sprites

November 13, 2017

Sprites can move in different directions across the screen

but, sometimes you may want a stationary sprite, as an
obstacle or decoration.


In the case of the following example, the sprite is acting
as smoke from a chimney.
For this tutorial you will need to open up the snapshot
entitled GiftHuntTutorial0001.sna.



If you don't have it already, head to the Loading Screech Downloads page and click on <5 Min BASIC ZX which contains the snapshot.


Once you have opened up the snapshot, navigate in AGD
to Events > Sprite type 4.

You should be looking at the following code;

IF A = 0
   ADD 1 TO G
   IF G = 4
   LET G = 0


The purpose of A is to count every frame.

The usual sprite animation speed is too fast for a meandering chimney plume so, on the first frame (A=0, computers count from zero instead of one) 1 is added to a second variable, G.

Only when G=4 is the sprite animated by one frame.

After the type 4 sprite is animated, the G variable is returned to
0 and the count starts again.



1. Delete everything in Sprite type 4 apart from;
IF A=0
Now run the game (Press X. on the main menu) and see how
the speed of the animation has changed.


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