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To load almost any ZX Spectrum game, first reset the machine to the copyright message.


On a 48k type Load "" and Return. Play the real or virtual tape.

On a 128k/+2/+3 select loader at the start menu then play the tape. If the load fails, go into 48k mode and follow the 48k method.

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 Daft Facts

Before computers had screens and keyboards, 'computer' referred to a human worker. Taking your laptop computer on the train, meant another person sitting on your lap and speaking calculations out loud throughout the journey, much to the irritation of the other passengers.


No Cover Tape? There isn't one! Space Aliens with Advanced Battle Lawnmowers digitised the world's  tapes, and archived them online.


Here are several home made programs by this website's creator you can try. The other 24,000 titles are mostly in an archive at World of Spectrum.

Capn Rescue Trilogy ZX
(Full Game) Platformer. 48k/128k/Vega ZX Spectrum.
Cap'n R. Win 32/ 64-bit
(Full Game Beta) Platformer 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions.
Roboprobe/48 ZX
(Full Game) Sci-Fi SHMUP. 48k/128k/Vega ZX Spectrum.
Christmas Gift Hunt ZX
(Full Game) Collect 'em-up. Festive fun. 48k/128k/ULA+/Vega ZX Spectrum.
Takeout Freakout ZX
(Full Game) Room Escape type Platformer. 48k/128k/Vega ZX Spectrum.
Tunes 2016 ZX
(1-Bit Music Demo) 48k/128k/Vega ZX Spectrum.

A selection of my own beeper tunes, I put together last minute for the Christmas 2016 Woot! tapezine.
3711A.D. Win 32/64-bit
New 21st Century PC game in the style of the very first home console games from the 1970s.
When Alex Didn't Do It ZX
(Full Game) Multi-load Text Adventure 48k ZX Spectrum (and 48k Mode on 128k/+2/+3).
Air Apparent ZX
(Full Game) Helicopter SHMUP. 48k/128k/Vega ZX Spectrum.
Different Times

In the 1980s, 'PC' meant any computer, MS Windows didn't exist yet, very few games were written in C, and tape, cartridges, or 5.25" disks were the preferred format. 

 Daft Facts

One of Britain's greatest tourist attractions is it's monarchy - a talented musician with a broken piano featuring only one working key.


Which is a flat.


Due to the poor state of the piano's repair, no-one knows quite which flat it is. Competitions are held to guess, and the winner becomes ruler of Camelot.


When Alex Didn't Do It Parts 1 to 3 complete Walkthrough readable HERE

Different Times

The ancestor of modern consoles, the Atari VCS, had just 128 bytes of RAM. It's CPU was clocked at only 1.19 MegaHertz.


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