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The 'other' Retro Handhelds:   Arcade Gamer Portable

February 24, 2017

The ZX Spectrum Vega+ and The 64 certainly attracted interest last year (the latter not enough to meet the crowdfunding target) but, the concept of a handheld retro system is nothing new and there are already a number of them around. One such device is the Arcade Gamer Portable handheld by AtGames.


The handheld comes with a selection of 30 SEGA Master System and Game Gear games built-in, including well-known titles such as Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Golden Axe, and Sonic Spinball. There is no SD-slot or other alternative, meaning no extra games can be easily added.


Video is provided by the integrated 2.4" TFT screen, with the option of outputting a signal to a television through a composite A/V cable. The cable needs a jack-type connector on the handheld end. Although not popular now as they used to be, searching for a camcorder cable tends to bring up results on shopping websites.


Another jack-type connector, on the underside of the device provides the means to use headphones for private gaming, and the Arcade Gamer Portable has a built-in volume control.


The D-Pad and two action buttons are reasonably sturdy, suggesting that they would stand up-well to many intense gaming sessions. The D-Pad also has a nice moulded shape, allowing you to slide your thumb around without having to take it off one button and then plonk it down on the other. It's nice not to have plastic corners digging into your flesh as you play.


I have played on my Arcade Gamer Portable many times over the past few years, and never had any cause of complaint. The only damage was caused when I decided to open it up out of curiousity and have a look inside - always something only a professional should do, and preferably after any warranties have expired.


With fairly sturdy construction and a built-in library of previously expensive cartridge titles built-in and ready to go, this handheld provides convenience and lots of fun for the relatively low cost of £25 to £40 that you will normally pay.


AtGames also produce a handheld version of the SEGA Megadrive(Genesis) which comes with a built-in SD card slot for adding new games from their website, which I shall not write about here but, that also is a good - but, more expensve - device.
               AtGames Arcade Gamer Portable - Built-In Games


 01.Alex Kidd In High Tech World
 02.Alex Kidd In Miracle World
 03.Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars
 04.Assault City
 05.Astro Warrior
 06.Aztec Adventure
 07.Baku Baku Animal
 08.Bomber Raid
 10.Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
 11.Dragon Crystal
 12.Ecco: The Tides of Time
 13.Fantasy Zone
 14.Fantasy Zone II(Opa Opa)
 15.Gain Ground
 16.Global Defense
 17.Golden Axe
 18.Kung Fu Kid
 19.Penguin Land
 20.Putt and Putter
 22.Ristar the Shooting Star
 23.Snail Maze
 24.Sonic Drift 2
 25.Sonic Chase
 26.Sonic Spinball
 27.Sonic Triple Trouble
 28.Super Columns
 29.Tails Adventure
 30.The Ninja

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