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Christmas Eggs

January 15, 2016


It's been nice to read some good feedback about Christmas Gift Hunt, another game from me made possible by the excellent Sinclair ZX Spectrum tool Arcade Game Designer. 


Did you know that AGD's creator has a Windows based version in the pipeline?


Recent news indicates that it is being made more child friendly as part of the Every Child Can Code initiative, including 16x16 pixel tiles that use less memory than the 8x8 ones, easier to understand screen co-ordinates (x,y instead of y,x), and games that can now have up to 100 rooms.


Being a quite young ZX Spectrum user, and a mere spring chicken only just now in my mid-30's, it's quite strange to think that school kids even younger than me will soon be using the same game creation tool as me as they battle to win a national schools game coding competition.


Back to my own AGD creation, and I've seen a couple of videos of walkthroughs, with people telling me that they've completed the game but no-one seems to have found the Easter Eggs (or should that be Christmas Eggs?) that I placed in the game. 


There were 2 hidden extra lives, plus a 3rd glitchy one I decided to leave in as well. If you want to know where they are, perhaps for next Christmas, and perhaps to get one up (or three up?) on other players then you can check out this You Tube video







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