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New ZX Game - Air Apparent

September 13, 2016


Another month, and time to present a new game from me. This time it's more of a salvaged project that I started and didn't finish last year (2015), using the SEUD (Shoot 'Em Up Designer), made by Jonathan Cauldwell and sold by the not-for-profit company Cronosoft on physical tape and as a download.


Comparisons with SEUCK on the Commodore C64 and Amiga computers are immediately obvious, and this is very much the Spectrum's answer to that program never making it onto the Sinclair platform.


Unlike in Arcade Game Designer, there is no typing of programs involved - instead pre-defined commands are selected from a rotating menu, meaning there are some limits to how much you can do with SEUD but, that - once it's various quirks have been worked out, and some corrective POKES into the Spectrums Random Access Memory made (Gibberish? Sorry!), the game creator can concentrate on graphics and gameplay.


You can grab the game, in which you fly a helicopter with the, ah - Heir Apparent (bad pun!) on board, and try it out on the Loading Screech DOWNLOADS page.






Notice 14th Sept 2016 - I have temporarily removed the download for this game only, as there are some glitches. Obviously as there is no bona fide coding in SEUD, solving them may or may not be straightforward.


Notice 16th Sept 2016 - the download is back. The game is now a single long(ish) level, and looks like this (could this be the quickest remake of a game in all time?);



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