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Why I'm Loving - The Goldbergs (But No, Goode Isn't The Dancing Pilgrim)

August 16, 2016

Let's get this out of the way first - Cap'n Goode is NOT The Dancing Pilgrim. If you have watched the specific episode of the show I am talking about, then you will know what I mean, and understand why I recently burst out laughing after tuning-in to The Goldbergs.

Here in the UK, The Goldbergs airs on E4. It could best be described as 'The Wonder Years of the 1980s, made in the year 2016'. I'd include a photo but they charge, clearly knowing they have a quality show in their line-up.

Based on real events, the show follows the life of Adam's family. Adam has a video camera, and captures seemingly every aspect of his family's existence on video.

Their Mum - I mean, Mom (Americanisations, tut!) Beverley is referred to as their 'Smother', as she ignores her growing kids desperate attempts to be independent. Beverly comically gatecrashes slumber parties, school class sessions, and even a military cadet group in order to make sure that her children are being looked after properly.

Dad Murray owns a furniture store and calls everyone "Moron!" including his own kids. Gramps is a young-at-heart womanizer in an elderly man's body, who provides a laid-back contrast to the other domineering adults in the world, sometimes going along with mad ideas - like allowing Adam to bunk off school and re-enact the movie 'Ferris Beuller's Day Off'.

Big Sister Erica Goldberg wonders why all the mistakes seem to have been made on her, while her two younger brothers get away with things she never would have while she was growing up. 

Last but not least, Barry is the middle child, Adam's older Brother. A loveable, well - moron - as his Dad calls him, who is something of a teenaged Homer Simpson. If he gets an idea in his head, he sets out to make it happen - even if it is a really bad idea.

The 80's nostalgia is wonderful, with posters, sets, hair, and outfits all suitably replicating the period, and the laughs and fuzzy feeling morality making this an excellent feel good experience that I hope will continue to be renewed for a number of seasons to come.


As a nice cherry on the cake, at the end of each episode real clips from the actual Adam's footage plays, affirming that this is very much based on actual events.

The Goldbergs airs at various times on E4 in the United Kingdom and is currently on it's 3rd season.

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