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New Retro Game - Christmas Gift Hunt

December 13, 2015

Ho ho ho and a Merry Christmas to you from the land of retro games!


Here is my latest offering for the 8-bit ZX Spectrum, it's called Christmas Gift Hunt and you can grab the download for absolutely free from on the Loading Screech Downloads page.


The story is that it's Christmas Eve, and Santa has flown into a severe weather system. The high winds have scattered his presents all over a small island, and now it's your job to help him find them all so he can get back to doing his job and save Christmas.



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Update 10/1/2016 - Version 2.0 uploaded

Version two adds the clockwork soldier enemy for all ZX models, and for ULA Plus and Vega only makes pallette changes using the additional 64 colours available through the ULA Plus pallettes.



Update 16/12/2016 - Version 1.1 uploaded

This version fixes a minor problem in 1.0 whereby one of the eighty gifts was unobtainable in the top-right of the game map. An additional extra life has also been added to the game.





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