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New ZX Spectrum Game CR: The Escape

September 17, 2015

My new ZX Spectrum 48k game Cap'n Rescue: The Escape is available to download free from this website. Following on from the first Cap'n Rescue game, Cap'n Goode is back in his human body, but still trapped in Mortyna's lair.


Guide Cap'n Goode past the patrolling enemies, collect treasure and power ups, and try to reach your crew.


A limited amount of lasers is available to help you in your quest. If used wisely they may prove useful in reaching the highest rank.



I've also uploaded the Vega version of the first C.Rescue game, which differs slightly from the 48k version in that it has ULA Plus graphics and AY sound effects.






FOR BEGINNERS/THOSE NEEDING A REFRESHER - What you will need to play the game


The game can be loaded in to a physical ZX Spectrum with an SD card interface, such as a DivMMC Enjoy. Some utilities exist to allow a PC sound card to be used to load in by sound or even MP3 players.


Aside from that, the ZX Spectrum is possibly the most legally emulated retro computer on the planet. Emulators make another device pretend to be a different type of computer. You could try searching for 'ZX Spin' for PC or 'Spectaculator' which is also available for smartphones.




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